Dr Julian Holmes: 1978, Sheffield University – BA Social Science Hons. 1985, Sheffield Dental and Medical School – BDS Bachelor of Dental Science.

Julian is internationally renowned for the remarkable contribution he has made to dental science over a period of 35 years, including his extensive and competent research in a range of ozone-related technologies and products. He has authored and co-authored well over 70 published papers, and continues to receive invitations to give lectures at various universities, associations and institutions around the globe.

Areas of expertise and innovative advancements include:

  • the effects of ozonated liquids in dental disease control,
  • prosthetic dentistry,
  • implant technology,
  • bleaching,
  • cosmetic dentistry,
  • intra-oral cameras,
  • the use and placement of membranes,
  • bone regeneration techniques,
  • clinical reversal of root caries in Gerontology,
  • effectiveness of ozone in dental care,
  • skin cream rejuvenation technology,
  • the use of plant extracts for infection control and wound management,
  • the computerization in dental practice.

Julian has registered four patents as well as a number of trademarks. His latest patent is a new plant extract formulation to counter immune-suppression found in chronic disease.

Julian has received a number of prodigious awards from various international institutions such as the British Society for the study of Prosthetic Dentistry, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Excellence in Dentistry USA, The ADAPT Clinical Group, The genR8TNext USA – Hall of Fame and DTI Thames Valley – Innovation in Industry 1st prize in 2001. He is currently proactively involved in providing access to low cost health care using natural products in the South African poor communities, including clinical research on HIV in collaboration with Asante Foundation; an innovative methodology integrating the benefits of ozonated technologies and oxygen therapy.

Julian’s innovative capacity in dental science and ozone therapy started early in his career while practicing dentistry in Gibraltar and Spain, and later in Berkshire (UK).  He subsequently founded his own private practice called UK/Smiles, incorporating a dynamic progressively oriented vision, providing uniquely designed products and services to his patients. Julian’s passion for continuous development through research led to enhanced technical improvements, such as new techniques and technology in micro-air dentistry, ozone systems in dental practice and new protocols/systems in teeth whitening.

Julian’s current company, GreyCell Enterprises, manufactures and markets a range of advanced ozone-related technologies. He continues to advise on treatment protocols with therapists and doctors in Europe, the US, Asia and Africa. Julian’s decades of research as well as his resilient, innovative and pragmatic persona has resulted in the achievement of significant breakthroughs in the fields of dental science and ozone therapy.

Julian is a key partner in Asante Foundation, established for the purpose of integrating the complementary range of oxygen and ozone therapy products towards fulfilling Asante’s vision; dedicated to bringing life changing hope and joy to people suffering from diseases and illnesses around the globe.


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